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Hanks, Streep, and Spielberg give ‘The Post’ greatness and gravitas

By Tom Siebert In a dark age when most Americans get their news from their favorite cable channel, and the president of the United States refers to the media as the “enemy of the people,” “The Post” hearkens back to … Continue reading

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Heroic “Sully” soars above factual flaws

By Tom Siebert As a young newspaper reporter, I covered the National Transportation Safety Board hearings into the worst single-airliner disaster in U.S. history, when 273 passengers died in the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport … Continue reading

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‘Bridge of Spies’ is a history lesson from the past and for the present

Steven Spielberg’s Cold War thriller “Bridge of Spies” is one of the most educating and edifying films ever made. Spielberg is a virtuoso of verisimilitude, flawlessly recreating late 1950s Brooklyn and early 1960s East Berlin. Tom Hanks is even better … Continue reading

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