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We can prevent gun violence while preserving the Second Amendment

By Tom Siebert Gun violence is as American as apple pie. Growing up, all of my heroes were shot to death: John F. Kennedy,  Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and John Lennon. One of the first mass shootings … Continue reading

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Good guys with guns are not the answer to America’s half-century of rampant gun violence

By Tom Siebert During the past 50 years, millions of Americans have been shot by their fellow citizens. The pro-gun people say “good guys with guns” will stop gun violence. They are dead wrong. On March 30, 1981, President Ronald … Continue reading

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God is not like us but we can be like Him

By Tom Siebert God is not like us. He loves everyone equally, whether they live on Park Avenue or park bench, whether they went to Penn State or state pen, whether their name is John Wayne or John Wayne Gacy. … Continue reading

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